Solar Domestic Hot Water

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Why should you trust us to install your new solar system? 

  • Greg has been in the solar industry in Brevard County longer than anyone else - Almost 30 years. You can't beat experience like that. It's important that you do business with licensed contractors who are not new to the business. When getting an estimate, ask the person giving the estimate how long their current licensed solar contractor has been licensed and how long has he/she been in business in Brevard County (not how long the company has been around, because companies are bought and sold, which can be very misleading).
  • We DO NOT USE sub-contractors or day-labor. Make sure to ask WHO will be installing your solar system. All of our systems are installed by Greg and our own employees. That is how we guarantee a quality job every time. 
  •   The quality of our product, manufacturer and supplier cannot be beat. Greg has installed every brand of solar out there over the years and can give you tons of information on all of them. He can explain to you why Aquatherm is the best. Also, it's not only the product quality you have to be concerned about. You also need to be concerned with WHO is installing it and WHO the manufacturer is. It makes a huge difference in your complete satisfaction.
  • We had the opportunity to be a dealer for other manufacturers, but we chose Aquatherm because of the length of time they've been in business, the proven quality of their products, they are made in America and the warranty process is so simple and hassle free. Believe me, we have experienced horrible customer service from some of those other manufacturers/suppliers who try everything they can to NOT honor your warranty. We will not allow our customers to be treated that way.  


Don't forget about the $1000 FPL Rebate and the 30% Federal Tax Credit!
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